Wednesday, 3 October 2007

My Mushroom Coral DIY Stage 1 - building the sump wall

When setting up my first marine tank I decided that there should be no visible hardware to the eye.
So to assist this I decided that the tank should have a built in Sump to host the equipment, the sump could be covered so that the display area looks clean.
The tank i'm using is 2 foot long and will not house any fish. The goal is to have a mushroom only tank but a few other invertibrates may find their may in there as well.

To create the sump partition:

  • I purchased a plastic tank cover and cut it to size.

  • I dont want any harware to be visible so I cut a hole in the wall where the powerhead nozzle will fit

  • I Cut a section in the top of the wall where water will flow back into the sump.
  • I used silicon gel to fix the wall in position and I'm now waiting until the gel is fully set.

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