Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Latest pics from Tank

Here are a few pictures of the tank with some new additions.
Full Tank Shot

New Purple mushrooms

Red mushrooms

Pulsing xenia

Blue Mushrooms

My new Torch Coral

A new green Mushroom

Notice the ornage object on the rock...it has a mouth which opens and closes, I'm going to ask for an ID on Reef Central

Video of Torch and Pulsing Xenia Corals

Sunday, 11 May 2008

All change - new bigger tank

A few weeks ago I decided to replace my small nano tank with a much larger 3 (and a bit ) ft tank...the dancing shrimps have also gone back.

It's taken a bit of work to get everything up and running but things are starting to take shape.

Full tank shot of the new tank

Blue Mushrooms settling in well.

A frag of the blue mushroom

pulsing Xenia Frag
Pulsing xenia looking good.

New Orange Mushroom.

Red Mushrooms on show.