Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My latest Additon - A beautiful Atlantic Anemone

I've recently added a beautiful purple tipped Atlantic Anemone into my tank.

It's currently doing well and looks truly stunning.

The Anemone has moved slightly into a cave but it's now settled.

Here's a quick video of it in action.

Long over due Update

It's been far to long since I did and update and my tank has developed quite a bit, so I'm going to post a few entries over the next few days

Monday, 29 September 2008

Interesting Hitch hiker

After breaking up some live rock and putting it back into the tank, we noticed a tiny starfish looking hitchhiker - very cute.

So we had a problem over Summer.

Take a look at this video.

It's a Eunice Worm and they aren't good in a Marine Aquarium, they munch on anything and can grow up to 8ft, and even when smaller they think nothing of moving Live rock and breaking it into small chunks.


...and we had 2 causing havok.

In the end following advice we took the live rock and broke it into smaller peices in a bowl untill we found the beasts.

Breaking the rock:

The rock in peices:

The Worm in the Rock

The worm in a bowl

Summer Catch up

Sorry for the lack of updates over summer, We got married so there has been little time for Blogging.

Here's how the tank is looking at the moment.

We have added a rather large peice of Live rock which has allowed us to form more of a reef look with the Rock.

We have also just added a Leather Coral Frag.
Our Xenia and Mushrooms are looking nice and a selection of which are shown below.

My water Params are just about spot on according to the Test kit I have, but I'm going to get a second opinion the next time I go to Blu Zoo.

There are a few problems with the tank that we are working on at the moment. The back wall of the tank is Dirty and we probably need a larger clean up crew.

We have Aiptasia, in fact we have a lot of Aiptasia, we are going to get either a couple of Peppermint shrimps or some Aiptasia to help with the problem.

I've purposely keep the tank 3/4 full - I've decided that next weekend I'll fill it completly.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Stomatella snail meets Bristle worm

Heres a nice video of 2 hitchhikers bumping into each other

New Tank Mates

This is Jack and Jill. My new common clownfish.

Jack and Jill will be the only fish in the tank.
They are just settling in at the moment and we are feeding them live brine shrimp.
Here is a video of them swimming.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

A video of a Hermit Crab feeding

A video of a Hermit Crab feeding

A nice video of a large Bristle worm

It's incredible how well they hide

Id of Orange shape

The guys over at Reef Central have come up good

This is a Tunicate, a Filter feeder. It's mouth opens and closes as it feeds.

This can be seen in the following video

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Latest pics from Tank

Here are a few pictures of the tank with some new additions.
Full Tank Shot

New Purple mushrooms

Red mushrooms

Pulsing xenia

Blue Mushrooms

My new Torch Coral

A new green Mushroom

Notice the ornage object on the rock...it has a mouth which opens and closes, I'm going to ask for an ID on Reef Central

Video of Torch and Pulsing Xenia Corals

Sunday, 11 May 2008

All change - new bigger tank

A few weeks ago I decided to replace my small nano tank with a much larger 3 (and a bit ) ft tank...the dancing shrimps have also gone back.

It's taken a bit of work to get everything up and running but things are starting to take shape.

Full tank shot of the new tank

Blue Mushrooms settling in well.

A frag of the blue mushroom

pulsing Xenia Frag
Pulsing xenia looking good.

New Orange Mushroom.

Red Mushrooms on show.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Latest Pictures and Vids

Here are the latest pictures from the tank.

A dancing shrimp on the prowl.

An exploring Bristle Worm

A prety feather duster

Here are a couple of videos of the shrimps in action.

I have a dilema - these shrimps eat corals.

I've moved the xemia and xenia frags into the sump area, and so far they are leaving the mushrooms alone - but I've having to watch them carefully.

I'm feeding them with flake food every few days.
I really like watching them in the tank.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Latest pictures from the tank.

The dancing shrimps out as a pair.

A Bristle Worm moving from hole to hole.
My red mushrooms looking rather nice.

Latest Full Tank Shot

A video of one of the Dancing Shrimps in action

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Latest pictures from Tank (inc new tank mates)

A nice shot of my mushrooms
Ane ver growing Xenia which has now been fragged a few times
Red mushrooms
tank shot
You can just see a dancing shrimp there. We have 2 (a male and female)
although they tend to spend most of their time hiding in the rocks. (when they aren't munching my xenia frags)

Monday, 10 March 2008

Latest pictures from our tank

A small but beautiful feather duster on full display

The picture captures one of the tentacles that I often see exploring the tank from holes in rock

One of the several Stomatella snails that hitch hiked into the tank

A great picture of the pulsing xenia which is now fully recovered and growing well

My red mushrooms looking good

Nearly a full tank shot

A Xenia frag - I've had no luck with Xenia Frags surviving so wish we luck