Sunday, 7 October 2007

From little Acorns mighty oaks grow

Yesterday I went to town with a shopping list, and came back with:
  • A bag of sea salt
  • A lighting unit and bulb
  • A container of RO water
  • A bag of Coral sand
  • A small amount of Live rock

And I started to put it all together.

It wasn't without difficulties I didn't have enough RO water to fill the tank. I've more water coming tomorrow but to tide me over I've kept the power head and the heater in the main display area of the tank and mixed in enough salt to give the water in the tank the correct salinity.

Also the Bulb I had for the tank was to big for the hood. I didn't want to use a smaller hood so I made a slight modification to the hood.

I've placed the live rock in the main display area.

and I've left the tank running.

Tomorrow I'll get the new batch of water, fill the tank and place all the hardware in the sump area.

I've also placed a 3D rock background against the outside of the back of the tank to provide a backdrop
It's very new and still much work to do but I now have my own piece of the ocean ;-)
The below is a shot of the main display area.

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